How To Get Free Tiktok Coins? Step By Step Guide in 2023 [Updated]

How To Get Free Tiktok Coins: In this digital world that is packed with social media sites and making online money through it. We are here to guide our readers in detail on how to get free TikTok coins. Nowadays every social media platform offers account monetization to its users making it easy for them to collect coins and convert them into dollars. 

TikTok is an outstanding platform for making money online by staying at home. Users can use various methods to get coins through it. One of the first methods is to monetize your TikTok account and earn money on each view of your videos. Additionally, when we talk about Pakistan there is no legal way to monetize your TikTok account till now. But you can get free coins by completing challenges, increasing your followers, and getting virtual gifts online. 

How To Get Free Tiktok Coins

How To Get Free Coins from TikTok?

There are unlimited ways to get free TikTok coins some of them are listed here:

Get Virtual Gifts

Regarding diamonds, TikTok streamers can only utilize these as virtual currency. The sole objective of this kind of interface is to hold value until a streamer earns. 

Grow Your List of Followers

You can show support for your preferred Tiktok users or celebrities by using Tiktok Sciences. Additionally, you can quickly grow your following if you consistently create quality content.

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Complete The Daily Challenges On TikTok

Never determine if both of you enjoy strolling around TikTok and watching daily and exciting new videos. In addition to working on it, you ought to agree with these Tiktok Challenge Videos. You will witness significant growth in your followers and your TikTok science will rise as a result of making the famous TikTok Challenge video clip.

Engaging More People

The number of followers on your account will start to rise as soon as you publish regular videos on TikTok and take challenges of any kind. You can receive Tiktok coins if your Tiktok account has more followers than the average amount.

Advertise Your Content On Different Forums

Increasing the engagement rate of your account can also be achieved through the promotion of your TikTok content on other social media platforms. The more people interact with your account, the more opportunities you have to receive unique shows from TikTok users and artists.

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What are the best ways to earn from TikTok in Pakistan?

There are many ways users can make money through TikTok in Pakistan:

  • TikTok Rewards: by Sharing Referral code and getting rewards on each join.
  • TikTok Coins and Creator Funds
  • Sell Your Products or do Advertisements for others’ products
  • Do collaborations

How much is 1000 Coins on TikTok?

100 TikTok coins are equal to &1.29, Similarly, 500 Coins equal $6.45, and 1000 coins must be equal to $12.90.


So, we provide you with detailed information on how you can get free TikTok coins without paying a single penny. Users can make live Broadcasts, collaborations, and advertisements. TikTok now introduces TikTok monetization in specific areas including the UK, the US, Germany, Italy, and France. There is a great chance of this feature opening in Pakistan and all other Asian countries as well.

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